Brand design / Responsive web design


HTML5 Responsive web development

When a local 'sit | stand' desk manufacturer asked us to develop a brand identity and marketing collateral for them, we worked really closely to understand the product and the team. Developing the messages to the B2B audience was key, we wanted to create a brand that would talk to the B2B audience, but have the ability to be B2C focused at a later date. We wanted to understand the best marketing channels and style of design for this audience. 
Brand Design / HTML5 web design

Client: Furniplus

Date: Winter - Spring, 2015 - 2016

Online: Furniplus

After developing the brand identity solely for the B2B audience, we rolled it out across various elements of the marketing collateral, both digital and print design. These Included business stationery as well as HTML5 responsive email signatures and website design; the brand was taking shape and ready to launch. 
Once the client was happy with the brand; we developed wireframes around the website and broke down the visitor journey throughout the website. Working closely with the client through the design process ensured that the visitor journey was a simple, clean navigation. As there were lots of different options and finishes to the product, it was important to make sure the execution was simple and effective.

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